Things to Consider While Buying a Scooter for your kid

Are you planning to buy your child’s first scooter? If your answer is yes then it would be right to say that you must have a few basic information while buying it to make the process simpler. As we all know that nowadays there is a pool of options available in the market for the same. Thus, choosing the best one for your kid can become a task. Also, the scooters available in the market comes along with a varied range of style, looks and price range. So, it becomes extremely crucial to define your priorities. Ensure some basic factors like your child’s age, preference and safety according to the requirement. In order to make this whole task a lot easier for you, we have got you some basic factors that you need to consider while making your final decision of buying the scooter.

1)     Size and Material Type

Both of these factors play a key role. As the size of the wheels and the wheel materials directly impacts the overall scooter experience. Specifically, for riding over cracks or bumps on a path. A wheel material which is softer and more pliable will help in shock absorption in a better manner for a smoother ride. This can be said in case of a larger wheel too as it also allows better shock absorption.

2)     Quality Bearings

Bearings play a vital role in the performance of the scooter. The bearings are elements that are mostly fitted in the wheels of the scooter and help the scooter wheels roll freely by reducing the friction between the wheels and the wheel hub. In case the bearings are too tight and jerky, then the kid won’t enjoy the scooter ride. This is because the muscle energy the kid should have used for enjoyment would be used in unessential pedaling efforts for the scooter. Also, the ride experience depletes at a very high rate in case the bearing is cranky. This would also lead to more frequent breakdowns and maintenance visits. Therefore, it is very much important to have quality bearings.

3)     Two wheels or three wheels?

Multiple options of scooters are available depending upon the number of wheels that are preferred on the scooter. The wheel options start from two-wheeled scooters to three and four-wheeled scooters. The gradual increase in the wheels is for the kids who have still not developed a sense of balancing in 2 wheels. These extra wheels’ act as supporters and don’t allow the scooter to topple over. In most of the cases, these wheels are detachable and that the scooter can be converted into the contemporary 2 wheeled scooters when the kid is confident about his or her sense of balance.

4)     Hand Grips

Hand grips are mostly available in 2 types of materials. The rubber grips and the foam grips. In a direct comparison, if we see, the rubber grips are harder than the foam grips. While the foam grips are soft to the hand, they also wear off quickly. The rubber grips being harder last longer on the handlebar when compared to the foam grips. In most of the cases, the rubber grips cover the entire grip part, and the sides of the grips, eliminating the requirement of any grip plug. The same requirement is generated in the foam grips, as they do not cover the entire handle.

All the above factors play an important role in providing a smooth and enjoyable scooter ride for kids. So, make sure you have considered all the above-given factors and purchased the best suitable scooter for your child.



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